Road Signs​

Consistent manufacture, supply & installation of the highest quality signage.

Otto Signs engages in continuous research and the application of advanced developmental and manufacturing techniques, allows the company an extensive margin and dynamism in the market. The association with world-renowned local and foreign companies such as Iscor and 3M, who awarded Otto Signs converter status, enhances access to materials of the highest international standards, in turn, allowing the company to furnish the customer with excellent products – consistently the highest quality available in South Africa.

Regulation Signs

Regulation Signs have legal significance. Their function is to control or restrict the actions of Road Users. Disregarding of such signs constitutes an offence.

Warning Signs

The function of Warning Signs is to indicate circumstances that are hazardous or potentially hazardous to Road Users. They are classified as Advanced Warning Signs and Hazard Markers

Guidance Signs

Guidance Signs give information regarding a route to aid motorist in finding their way. These signs are generally made up of arrangements to display specific information on a single signboard. They have a directional or guidance function rather than simply a information function.

Information Signs

Signs which do not include a directional or navigational message component are classified as Information Signs.

Safety Signs

Safety Signs use symbols and graphical images to convey health and safety messages at a glance. They use applicable colors and symbols to present information and warnings of potential hazards in an area and are essential to the health and safety of a work place.